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Clinical Pathology for Pets

Many patients require some form of laboratory testing to help find the cause of their issue and direct treatment. We can provide many lab services in-hospital and get a speedy diagnosis for your pet.

On-site, we have dual biochemistry analyzers, laser-flow cytometry, and a host of other machines. We offer the following tests routinely:

  • Complete Blood Counts
  • Differential Smears
  • Serum Biochemistry
  • Blood Gas Analysis
  • Coagulation Factors
  • Pancreatic Lipase Assays
  • Total T4 Count
  • Serum Cortisol
  • Urine Analysis
  • Ethylene Glycol Test
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • Fine Needle Aspirates
  • SNAP Testing for Infectious Diseases
  • Vistoelastic Thromboelastography

Central Island Veterinary Emergency Hospital is committed to doing everything possible to combat the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

As part of this commitment, effective immediately, Central Island Veterinary Emergency Hospital will be instituting the following precautionary protocol to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

For the safety of yourself, our staff, and the community, clients will not be allowed to enter the building.


- If possible, please call us at 250-933-0913 to let us know you are on the way so that we can be prepared to meet you upon your arrival at the hospital.

- When you arrive, please stay in your vehicle in our parking lot and call 250-933-0913, and we'll come to you.

- If you do not have a phone or your pet's emergency is immediately life-threatening, please come to the front door and ring the bell located to the right of the door.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.