Born and raised in Calgary, AB I came out to Vancouver Island yearly as a cadet, and at 18 years old, joined the Royal Canadian Navy and served my Country as a Naval Communicator lucky enough to be posted to Esquimalt. I then travelled up the island as I made my mark as an apprentice electrician and then a cable installer – complete with a very fashionable pink hardhat. I recently took a whole year off in Australia to do some much-needed soul searching, travelling, personal book writing, and find out what drove my heart and soul, and that my friends are the animals. I went back to Calgary for a year to complete the Veterinary Health Care Diploma and spend quality time with my parents after being away from home for 23 years. I deeply missed the island vibe, my friends that are family, and the ocean waves and wanted to work in a busy Emergency Hospital, so I pursued a brand-new career and landed the opportunity of a lifetime.

Working with CIVEH, I can honestly say I have hit the jackpot I was longing for, and I can only get richer from here. Helping our furry friends is something I have done naturally since I was a child, whether it be saving a bird from a bonk on the head after hitting a freshly cleaned window to searching for koalas and kangaroos in the Australian bushfires. I am grateful and fortunate to have found a place whose heart beats for all our precious animal babies. This is the beginning of something wonderful, and I am super stoked to grow with this incredible Team.

On my own time, I love to swim in the ocean, spend time with my friends and family, snuggle with my princess kitty Chloe, and jam out to music and play drums. I plan one day to have a yard full of all animals, a tiny log house and lots of land for my dream of owning a red wolf, or two, or three. I also enjoy a good book, movies, and hiking trails all over the island. I like to camp, have beach bonfires, and spend my time exploring outdoors and meeting all the animals nature has to offer.