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Pet Surgery

In some cases, patients require a surgical procedure to diagnose or treat their issue. We recognize that having pets undergo anesthetic procedures and surgery can be stressful for owners. Our team is here to answer your questions about any recommended procedures.

Our veterinarians are experienced in emergency surgical procedures and see these cases day in, day out. Patients that require highly specialized techniques may be referred to a surgical specialty center after being stabilized.

Some of the common surgeries we perform are:

  • Gastrointestinal Foreign Body Removal
  • Intestinal Resection and Anastomosis
  • Laceration Repair
  • Trauma Management
  • Drain Placement
  • Splenectomy
  • Gastric Derotation and Gastropexy
  • Emergency Ovariohysterectomy
  • Cystotomy

Surgical procedures generally require patients to be immobilized to ensure their safety and adequate pain management during their operation. To achieve this, we use a variety of anesthetic agents that are carefully selected after the consideration of your pet’s health issues and presenting problems. The anesthetic may be given by injection into the muscle or a vein, gaseous anesthetics given by endotracheal tubes, or a combination of different methods. During and after the procedure, patients are continuously monitored for any issues that may arise. We will only discharge patients from the hospital after surgery when we are completely satisfied, and they are recovering well. Our team will keep you updated on when it is safe for your pet to go home.

Patients that have had sutures or drains will need these removed at a later date. An appointment can be made with your regular veterinarian or us. Typically we will ask that patients who have had a surgical procedure performed are seen 7-10 days after surgery for a follow-up assessment. After surgery, post-operative instructions will be provided to you. During this time, we will discuss your pet’s needs and answer any questions you may have.

Pet Surgery

Necrotizing Fasciitis found on Vancouver Island - Know the signs

May 18th 2022 - Official Communication Dear Community, Necrotizing fasciitis is an uncommon disease in dogs but given the number of cases we have seen recently, it is important that we, as pet owners (myself included) are vigilant. However, the first thing we must not do is panic. I would like to take this time to give you an overview of the disease so that you know what to look out for and when to seek veterinary care.

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