Mission Statement

At Central Island Veterinary Emergency Hospital, our mission is not only to provide excellent care ourselves but to continuously improve the quality of emergency, critical care, and specialty medicine throughout Vancouver Island. As a 24/7 hospital, we invested in education for both our staff and the veterinary community.

We aim to protect and celebrate the human-animal bond by utilizing a highly-trained healthcare team to offer meaningful client education, exceptional patient care, and outstanding customer service to each and every family. Dedicated to the individualized care of your pet, it is our pleasure to serve you as part of our family when your veterinarian is unavailable to assist. We are extremely passionate about our profession. The entire veterinary healthcare team is committed to providing personal attention to the unique concerns of each individual pet owner. Through compassion, integrity, respect, and honesty, we maintain full composure at all costs and advocate for patients in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Vision Statement

At Central Island Veterinary Emergency Hospital, our team believes that every pet life is precious. Therefore, we strive to make sure every pet in our neighbourhood is given a chance to live the best life possible. As we transition into this expansion, we will continue to foster professional growth for all staff to ensure our practice leads the community in both veterinary medicine and customer service.


Practice Manager

Dr. Nikolas Bell, DVM

Medical Director

Amanda, RVT

Team Lead - Technical


Team Lead - Client Care