If your pet has an emergency – please call us at 250.933.0913 before coming to the hospital. To help us accelerate the check-in process, please complete our digital check-in form upon arrival. When you arrive at the hospital, please STAY IN YOUR CAR and call us for further instructions.


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Pet Endoscopy

We have on-site rigid and flexible video endoscopy systems for diagnostic workup and treatment of conditions benefiting from minimally invasive procedures or where an additional imaging modality is needed.

Endoscopic procedures are typically performed under anesthesia or heavy sedation. Our team will discuss with you in detail during case management if they feel endoscopy would benefit your pet’s case. Where appropriate for specific cases, we are able to offer the following endoscopic procedure:

Foreign Body Retrieval

  • Removal of objects from the stomach, intestine, airway and other tubular systems in a minimally invasive fashion. This technique allows us to remove some foreign bodies without surgical intervention – though this is not always feasible.
If you or your veterinarian think your pet would benefit from an endoscopic procedure for diagnosis or treatment of a condition, please contact us at 250.933.0913 to arrange a referral, and we can discuss the case with you.