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Amy has always been surrounded by at least one dog and one cat her entire life. Throughout the years, she’s had the privilege of caring for a variety of animals including horses, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, chickens, gerbils and many more! Currently her fur family consists of three dogs, three cats, and two guinea pigs.

The newest addition is her dog Lucas, who was rescued in Mexico and flown to Canada in December 2020. Lucas developed a dog/people reactiveness from the environment change and has since racked up quite the serious bite history, including some hospital trips for his owners. Despite the bites Amy has received from Lucas, she is determined to help him into a new era of safety through constant reactiveness training and endless love. The devotion she has for not only her own animals, but also the ones she cares for, is beyond what many consider the “norm”, this is only proven by Lucas’s case.

When Amy isn’t busy training Lucas, you can find her exploring trails in the mountains or exercising her creative mind with acrylic or digital paintings!


Necrotizing Fasciitis found on Vancouver Island - Know the signs

May 18th 2022 - Official Communication Dear Community, Necrotizing fasciitis is an uncommon disease in dogs but given the number of cases we have seen recently, it is important that we, as pet owners (myself included) are vigilant. However, the first thing we must not do is panic. I would like to take this time to give you an overview of the disease so that you know what to look out for and when to seek veterinary care.

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